Café Safari is available on iTunes and Google play

The new instrumental album Café Safari is now available for purchase on your mobile device. Apple users can download the tracks from iTunes for only 109 rubles; Android and Windows followers are a bit luckier - they will have to part with mere 99 rubles to enjoy Malikov’s latest works on Google Play. Download Café Safari and get ready to experience the sounds of different countries and the flavors of diverse cultures, at any time and in any place. Using the album as a guide, you can travel to the Border Line, ascend the Copper Sky and see an Angel’s Smile, walk the streets of Chinatown in Chinese Red, visit the land of Robin Hood, transport yourself to the Golden Sands of the African savanna, and dance sirtaki on the shores of the Aegean Sea in the Ephemera. All you need is to press Play on your favorite device.

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