Tales of a Grown-Up Prince | Aeroflot Magazine
Dmitry, in June you will be celebrating a jubilee event: 25 years since you first went on stage and sung two of your songs. It was at the Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper concert. Do you remember that performance?
I remember that the security were not letting us in, because nobody knew us then. I remember saying: “But we are artists!” And, of course, I remember the feeling I had when I walked on stage. Two things became clear to me then. When the audience started singing along with me after the second verse, I understood that those songs had potential. And when I saw girls smiling, I understood that they liked me. That also inspired me a lot, because when you are 18, you feel good when you are liked by the opposite sex. читать далее...
DMITRY AND ELENA MALIKOV: How to Preserve Love after Twenty Years of Marriage | HELLO
It is hard to believe that this family celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012. After a visit to Dmitry, Elena and their daughter Stephania, one can’t help but think that the world will not only be saved by beauty, but by common sense as well.

As a matter of fact, the real family celebrations at their home do not start on December the 31st, but some time later. A sought-after musician is traditionally busy on the New Year’s Eve, and the first days of January are a time when he can at last exhale, relax, spend time with his family and think about future plans. читать далее...
“Well, it’s been a long time since we last conquered Paris!” | “7 Days” weekly magazine reporting
For a whole year already Dmitry Malikov has been living in a rush. His every day is mapped out to the very last minute. In the morning he plays the piano (classical pieces only), and the rest of the time he learns how to conduct. “All this is unbelievably hard,” admits the singer and musician. “Conducting is something that I have never done before. Moreover, I have to conduct an orchestra of eighty people!”

So, is Dmitry Malikov changing his occupation and quitting show business? Not at all. He is preparing for the grandiose Symphonic Mania performance, which promises to become a stunning revelation of the musical season in… France. And although the tour is only to begin on December the 1st, the French media have been talking a lot about the Russian musician and his unbelievable show for several months already. “First time in France!”, “A classical concert the likes of which have never been seen before”, that’s how local newspapers and magazines describe Dmitry Malikov’s upcoming show. читать далее...
Richard Clayderman and Dmitry Malikov: The 8th of March Crossover Style
On the 8th of March women were celebrated at the Svetlanovsky Hall of the Moscow International Music Home by Richard Clayderman (France) and Dmitry Malikov (Russia) performing their joint program “The Melodies of Love”. Two segments, two pianists. Both perform a style of music which is on the border of the classical and the pop genres.

Unlike “pure” styles, crossover is a style which is destined to be popular. Crossover helps musicians to acquire some sort of aristocratic flair (and for quite a good reason) and the audience to consider themselves (and be much less justified in doing so) as having sophisticated and even intellectual tastes. Crossover is easier, more accessible than any “pure” style. To some extent, it is but a secondary product, but that does not necessarily mean that it is in any way worse. читать далее...
A Special State of Mind | Interview
Composer and singer Dmitry Malikov does not need any introductions. He has millions of fans. His every new song becomes a hit. His performances at the best venues of the country invariably draw a full house. His works are performed by the most popular Russian artists.
However, Dmitry is far from being content with his achievements. Recently, our compatriots witnessed the start of his massive project, PIANOMANIA, which makes Dmitry Malikov’s talent sparkle in an entirely new light. читать далее...